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Mobile Ink Fingerprinting

Ink Fingerprinting is the traditional “old school” method of using black ink and a FD-258 ink fingerprint card. This method is sometimes referred to as wet fingerprints, ten print, ink card, blue card, hard copy, paper fingerprints or “hard card”.

San Diego Sheriff & Police Station Authorized Alternative! Many California police departments and sheriff offices no longer offer ink fingerprinting services to the general public. Applicants that need an FBI level criminal background check MUST be fingerprinted by a certified fingerprint technician who signs, dates and enters their official FPC certification number.


Department of Justice Certified Fingerprint Technician!

I am a certified fingerprint technician registered by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) to roll the ink fingerprint hard card FD-258 for employment and licensing purposes in San Diego.

An FBI FD-258 Ink Card may be required for out-of-state licensing, federal employment or background check.

  • Security Clearance Letters

  • FBI Criminal History Reports

  • Physician & Physician Assistant Licensing

  • Gun & Firearms Purchase

  • Identity History Summary Check (IdHSC)

  • Teaching Abroad / Teaching Overseas / Virtual Teaching

  • Traveling Nurse (RN)

  • Attorneys & Record Reviews to Correct Errors / Expungemenet

  • Personal Background Check

  • Carry Concealed Weapons Applicants (CCW) (incl. AZ, UT, VA)

  • Financial Sector (required by the SEC & FINRA)

  • Visa & Immigration

  • SF-87 Fingerprint Card – Typically used for Federal Jobs such as Customs and Border Patrol Applicants

  • Tax Preparers & CPAs for IRS e-File Approval

Mobile Hard Card Ink Fingerprinting Fees


(1) FBI FD-258 Ink Card* & Rolling Fee = $30


(2) FBI FD-258 Ink Cards* and rolling fee = $50


Purchase of card only = $5

*Cards are provided. Our FD-258 fingerprint cards are the newer version and includes the “Privacy Act” statement on the back.

San Diego Certified Mobile Fingerprinting Specialist!

Call or text Renate at (619) 252-9970 to book an appointment for this friendly, patient, professional mobile fingerprint technician to travel to your location.


I strive to capture the best quality fingerprints possible. My success rate is very high, and although my rejection rate is low, occasionally, fingerprint cards get rejected because of low quality images. This is usually due to age. Although our fingerprint patterns never change, the ridge lines do get “worn down” as we age. As a hard card ink fingerprinting expert, I take great pride in consistently producing the best possible prints. If your fingerprints are ever rejected due to poor quality prints, we will reprint at no charge.

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