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San Diego Jail Mobile Notary

It can be confusing, awkward and stressful when someone has been incarcerated! Don't worry... San Diego Notary Girl is here to help make the process easy, efficient and stress-free. Professional, reliable and friendly San Diego mobile notary... without judgement!


As a San Diego mobile notary public, I have been serving inmates and their families at our San Diego jails, prisons, correctional facilities and detention centers for over 16 years. My mobile notary public jail signing service is especially helpful for folks who are out-of-town with a family member, friend or loved one who is incarcerated in a facility in San Diego. You don't even have to be at the appointment!


The Process Is Simple... You provide the documents*, filled out and ready for the inmate to sign. I can pick them up, you can overnight them to me, or email me the documents and I will print them out. I will make the arrangements to meet with the inmate, perform the notarization and deliver the completed documents back to you. Quick and easy! You don't even have to be there!

Call or text Ren at (619) 252-9970 to schedule your mobile notary jail signing appointment today!

IMPORTANT! The Inmate MUST speak English!
California Law does not allow for a translator during the notarization process.


San Diego Notary Girl offers mobile notary jail signings, correctional facility notary public and detention center notary services at:

Note: The Metropolitan Corrections Center (MCC) and the Western Regional Detention Facility (GEO) require that the inmate's attorney be present at the notary appointment.

*The most common document that requires a mobile notary public for an inmate at a San Diego detention center, jail or correctional facility is a California Durable Power of Attorney. This document is signed by the Principal (inmate) and grants their Agent (attorney-if-fact) the authority to act for them in specified or all legal and/or financial matters.


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