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NNA Certified Notary Loan Signing Agent

A "Certified Notary Loan Signing Agent" (LSA) is a Notary Public who is specifically trained to facilitate real estate loan transactions. Also referred to as a "notary signing agent," (NSA) or "loan signing agent" (LSA), this specialized California Notary Public has extensive training and experience in the execution of loan documents.


As a Notary Signing Agent (NSA), I am hired by mortgage, escrow and title companies, to authenticate the identity of the borrower, obtain the necessary signatures and notarizations, and even deliver the documents to the lender. A signing agent is an impartial party to the transaction, adhering to the notary laws of their state or jurisdiction.


The tasks of the Notary Signing Agent (NSA) are vital to the successful closing and funding of real estate transactions. Mortgage lenders, title firms and escrow companies rely heavily on competent NSA's to complete the signing and notarized portions of the real estate loan transaction in a professional, reliable and accurate manner.


I am NNA Certified by the National Notary Association and AP certified by the Association of Professional Notaries & Certified Signing Agents (APN&CSA) and have signed over 5,000 loans. If you are purchasing a new property, or refinancing your current home, condominium or rental property, or a reverse mortgage, I will ensure that your documents are signed correctly and accurately and delivered on time, so there is no delay in the funding of your loan, and you close on schedule!

My Certified Loan Signing Services Include:

  • Continuous communication with borrowers and loan / escrow officers

  • Prompt confirmation of closing appointment

  • Receipt of documents via email or courier

  • Printing of loan documents, including (1) copy for borrower

  • Properly signed & executed documents

  • Collection of funds at closing

  • Document scan backs

  • Completion updates via text, email and/or phone

  • Timely shipping of documents with provided shipping label

IMPORTANT! All Signer(s) MUST speak English!
It is illegal for a California Notary Public to use a translator during the notarization process!


California Notary Handbook: "When notarizing a signature on a document, a notary public must be able to communicate with the customer in order for the signer either to swear to or affrm the contents of the affdavit or to acknowledge the execution of the document. An interpreter should not be used, as vital information could be lost in the translation. If a notary public is unable to communicate with a customer, the customer should be referred to a notary public who speaks the customer’s language."

Your notary loan signing agent should be an expert.
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